Sunday, May 31, 2009

I have friends who could use this!

I've heard many stories from friends who live in colder climates about the labor involved in chopping firewood for the winter. I bet Marko in New Hampshire, or Miss D. in Alaska, or Brigid, Tamara and Roberta in Indiana, would find a use for this ingenious home-made device.

Very clever! I presume that's a home-made device, not a factory option, but if the builder went into production, I reckon he'd have a long line of prospective customers!



Homer said...

Production, or published for sale a set of plans and a materials list. That thing is SLICK!

Farm.Dad said...

looks like its a Hahn firewood processor.

Crucis said...

It's commercially available. It's an attachment for various front-loaders/bearcats. I came across them once on the 'net but don't remember the manufacturer now.

Stingray said...

While I would cheerfully stab someone in the neck for one of those, I'd like to see it take on cottonwood before I start sharpening the shiv. We already employ a 24-ton hydraulic splitter for that stuff, and it came up the loser against the twisting grain of evil they grow more than I'd like.

Homer said...

Thanks, FarmDad. It is a Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro, available from Hahn Machinery, Inc. in Minnesota. Still pretty slick.

I'm curious enough to drop them a note and ask the price. Since it runs on hydraulics, it would seem easy to set one up on a trailer, power it with a small (25-40 hp) engine, add some sensors and computer instructions to automate it, and use the loader to keep a hopper of logs full, and a conveyor to carry away the split pieces.

Stingray - cottonwood sounds like the gum trees we had in Virginia - splitting a section of that was an all day job.

Anonymous said...

that has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen