Friday, June 12, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #226

For the first time, we award our Doofus title to a non-human species - in this case, a Chinese cat.

A Chinese family borrowed a pet cat from their neighbour to catch a mouse which had invaded their home - only for them to become best friends.

Mr Li, of Changchun in north east China, was annoyed by the mouse which had sneaked into his house through a broken window.

"It was very foxy. I tried many ways to catch it, but it always escaped and then gained revenge on me by gnawing at the family utilities," he told Huashang Daily.

Li came up with the idea of borrowing his neighbour's cat, Da Huang, after paying them a visit.

To make the cat more enthusiastic for the task, Li asked his neighbour to starve the cat overnight before he borrowed it.

The next morning, Da Huang caught the rodent but let it go after smelling it - and to Li's surprise the mouse then started attacking the cat.

"Da Huang neglected his duty. He just pats the mouse off and after a while they just started playing together. Now they are friends and the cat even cuddles up with the mouse to sleep," he said.

He believes the cat's normal diet of chicken liver has left it too spoiled to eat mice.

Hmm. If I were a cat, I daresay I'd prefer to eat chicken liver too . . . but that still doesn't excuse playing with the damn mouse! Da Huang is therefore awarded our Doofus Of The Day title.



joe said...

Actually, for the borrower, this looks like success! I mean, he got rid of the mouse, right? It's now hanging out at the neighbor's house!

Anonymous said...

A: Kill Food then play with food.
B: Play with food then cuddle with food.

Correct Answer: A.

Mario in PY said...

I can relate! About 7 months ago, I found a mouse that had build a nest with a litter of 18 young ones in my suitcase full of winter clothes. After taking the mouse outside with kitchen tongs, I called our cat for a "nice meal". The cat took one sniff, and when the mouse jumped that stupid cat ran away into the bush with the mouse in hot pursuit.
I asure you, that cat is not with us anymore!