Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The morning after the night before

An Austrian student seems to have had rather too much of a good time.

An Austrian student woke up in the cab of a 150-foot-high crane after a night boozing with friends.

Stefan Hohenwart, 28, told police he had no idea how he got up there when they found him after construction workers called them in Graz.

Officers said he was driven home and would face no charges since he had not caused any damage.

A police spokesman said: "The construction workers turned up to start in the morning and the crane operator got quite a surprise when he went up and found the student snoring away in his cab.

"When our officers got there and get the man down he swore he had no idea how he got up there and just remembers leaving the pub and feeling very tired."

There's more at the link.

Hmm. I can recall 'helping' a few friends who over-indulged, during my student days. I wonder how much this man's 'friends' had to do with where he found himself the next morning?



Gene said...

While in the Navy in the 70s we were in Hong Kong. One of our group was very suprised to wake up the next morning with a tattoo of a butterfly on his glans.

Another we put on the night train to Peking. Luckily, he got turned back at the border.

I made a point of never getting senseless drunk with that group of guys.

PeterT said...

Hey Gene,

Did you ever make it to the White Stag Inn in Kowloon?

Best Scotch Eggs in the known universe.

Anonymous said...

Gary--I am also a well aged squid. When I was in Hong Kong in 1966 one of the crew got that certain intimate part of his anatomy barber-pole striped and with a butterfly on the end...

Swore he had no idea how it happened...

Old Squid.