Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A novel way to fish!

I'm amazed at a fishy story from China.

A Chinese farmer dug a 50ft hole inside his house to go fishing.

Li Huiyan, of Chongqing, hired 30 villagers for six months to dig the hole in his kitchen, reports IC Media.

He wanted to reach an underground river which he suspected was full of fish.

The river had been over ground but had disappeared 30 years ago when the local authorities bombed part of a mountain to pave a road.

Li explained: "The river used to have so many fish, and by simply putting a net there, hundreds of fish would be caught."

After digging his pit down to the river, Li installed a fishing net across it and regularly hauls out fish, so far earning his family nearly £2,000 (US $3,300).

There's more at the link.

Full marks to Mr. Li for observation and ingenuity. To basically haul fresh fish out of your basement is a great idea! Talk about maximizing the value of the property . . .



Jerry said...

In 1983 I was privileged to see the "Amazing Broom Fisher Woman" of Taejon (South Korea).

This was at a stream behind a truck stop on the road from Seoul to Taegu, and as I was eating my snack of Kim-Bop I noticed this old woman accompanied by a young boy. She was standing on a rock mid-stream with a broom, and would swat at fish jumping upstream. She would hit the fish over to the boy on the bank, who would put them in a bucket. I watched her for a full 30 minutes, and she never once missed a lick.

Truly Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine how many laws you would break if you tried that in the US?


Anonymous said...

Lol chinese people.