Monday, June 22, 2009

An interesting variation on a slice

Congratulations to the pilot of a light aircraft in Michigan, who pulled off a successful emergency landing in an unusual location.

A small airplane with two people aboard has made a safe emergency landing on a fairway at a golf course in southeastern Michigan.

The pilot then got a police escort and drove the single-engine, propeller-driven plane on public roads back to the airport where he started.

Pittsfield Public Safety Director Matt Harshberger told the Ann Arbor News no one was hurt.

Officials said the pilot reported he lost power shortly after taking off Tuesday morning from Ann Arbor Municipal Airport.

He brought the plane down on the fairway of the fifth hole at the nearby Stonebridge Golf Club in Pittsfield Township, about 35 miles west-southwest of Detroit.

Harshberger said there wasn't much damage to the golf course.

Hmm. Did the plane pose a local hazard, under club rules? And did the pilot shout, "Fore!" just before touching down?



Joe Allen said...

And did he let the Cessna 150 play through?

Anonymous said...

It appears that, looking at the landing gear, he touched down a bit more firmly than usual!

Jon - a Citabria pilot