Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #229

Today's Doofus is from Russia.

An Russian officer had to be rushed to hospital when the two rockets he was trying to use as fence posts exploded in his hands.

The officer, stationed at a penal colony in Russia's Baikal Region, found the rockets in the countryside, Interfax reports.

He did not recognize the almost three-meter long objects as the shells for BM-21 Grad rocket launcher, and thought he could use them to mend his old fence.

He took the shells home, and started welding them to the fence.

The heat predictably caused the rockets to explode, leaving the man badly wounded.

“We are investigating the accident,” spokesman for the local police told Interfax.

The rockets could have been the remains of ammunition that got scattered all around the region after arms storages exploded there in 2001.

Hmm. A Russian officer who didn't recognize military rockets? Methinks a certain amount of vodka was involved!



Strings said...

Vodka, involved in something a Russian does? Say it ain't so, Peter! >:)

reflectoscope said...

Being that explosives are conveniently concentrated sources of fire, and that fire and humour go hand in hand...


Old NFO said...

Probably a quart or so... Prison camps are NOT the place good people go, either as prisoners OR as guards...