Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #228

As a firearms instructor, this video leaves me speechless. I know there are some instructors who do this with very highly skilled and qualified 'operators', who shoot tens of thousands of rounds per year in practice: but to do it with a class of citizen shooters, who simply can't afford to practice enough to attain those levels of expertise, seems to me utterly incomprehensible.

As one commenter on this video put it:

It's true that Blackwater does live fire while others are changing targets...with veterans who are either former special ops, OR have two years executive protection experience, AND go through their academy. Doing it with any twit who plunks down a few bucks, at silhouettes at 5 yards is a combination of f***ing stupid and f***ing dangerous. I'm waiting for the first gun-hater to take the course and nick the guy, just to get the place shut down and generate bad publicity.

Hear, hear! We nominate the instructor who set up this scenario as our Doofus Of The Day - today, and every time he does it!




Anonymous said...

What happened? I'm getting "Oops, no video"

Crucis said...

Is this the video of a photographer standing between targets while others are shooting at them? I think Caleb(?) had that posted a few days ago.

Really stupid!

Old NFO said...

Dumber than dirt...

Anonymous said...

The video doesn't exist anymore. Is there another location where it can be found?