Saturday, June 13, 2009

So you want an eco-friendly limousine?

Help is at hand. A Canadian enthusiast has mated two Toyota Prius cars to produce the first hybrid limousine.

As one commentator sarcastically observes:

Oooooooo, you can only swoon at how the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with 98 hp and the 106-inch wheelbase handles all the extra body and passenger weight while whisking down L.A.’s carpool lanes at 80 mph — fully loaded.

Say good-bye to all those Town Car, DTS, Escalade, Navigator, and Hummer stretches. Luxury and greenery have now been merged into one capacious chariot of a. . . . why, why, it’s a chauffeured miracle!

With six doors and ten seats, the new hybrid limousine is currently chugging its way around Canadian roads.

No word on whether a production line will be opened to make the politically- and environmentally-correct limo's for the Hollywood set . . . but somehow I doubt it. Environmental consciousness can be carried too far!


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Anonymous said...

From Joe-ex-PNG

Funny you should bring this up- I should mention that the man who made the stretch Prius is a missionary, and built it while in training. He's also salvaged and rebuilt a few regular sized ones for other missionaries.
Truth is, he's really not trying to go into business making hybrid limos, he just wanted a 6 door car for his rather large family.