Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Running around a warmer North

I've been running around Alaska for the past week or so, revisiting friends and making new ones. I'm also gathering material for two new Weekend Wings articles, which you can look for very soon now. One will be about Alaskan bush aircraft (which are a fascinating study), and the other will look at Lake Hood, the world's biggest seaplane/floatplane base. I'm also helping to assemble the wings of a 1941 Taylorcraft, which are being re-sparred and re-covered. I don't think I'll be around for her first flight after restoration, but that should happen by the end of July, all being well. The owner's really looking forward to it!

It's a lot warmer now than during my previous visit in early April, but it's still cold to my southern sensibilities. The days are typically in the 50's to 60's (degrees Fahrenheit), with nights down in the 40's. To Alaskans, this is high summer: but since I left Louisiana with daytime temperatures in the mid-90's, with hundreds on the way next month, it still seems chilly to me!

I'm hoping to have better Internet access from next week, so that my posting intensity can return to normal. Meanwhile, I'm posting a few bits and pieces, a few days in advance, so as to have something for you to read. Thanks for your patience.



Diamond Mair said...


We were without A/C for THREE days, during record-setting heat ..................... we're back to ~ 85% cooling {thermostat kicks unit off just over 80 degrees} ...................... ;-)

Have a GREAT TIME! Bests to Miss D.!

Semper Fi'

Crucis said...

You missed the big heat wave---101 in Houston yesterday with 100% humidity.

BTW, isn't it skeeter season up there? I hear a 12ga using 7 1/2 shot is a good load. :-)

Rachel said...

The 100's have already arrived! You might want to postpone your return, lol!

Jenny said...

You adjust pretty quick... hang around for winter and you'll look up to see a sign saying "20F"... while you're wearing just a long sleeved shirt. And won't think it's too cold. :)

Best of luck on the articles.
(PS, pictures for you in your gmail)