Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blogger get-together in Texas

I apologize for the lack of posting last night, but I was at a small blogger get-together in Denton, TX. Present were the following:

From left to right, Holly, Phlegm Fatale, Lawdog and the Expert Witness. Yours truly, as the photographer, isn't in frame. (Lawdog's face is obscured because he's an active-duty law enforcement officer, and finds it inconvenient - not to mention potentially dangerous - to have his features too widely recognized.)

We were joined later by Matt, and all of us went out to eat at the Ranchman's Steakhouse in Ponder, TX, about twenty miles out of Denton. Ooohhhh, the food . . . ! I haven't had steak that good in a long time! Ranchman's definitely goes on my very short list of places to eat anytime I find myself within reasonable striking distance of it. I'm beginning a very stringent diet tomorrow, so I pigged out on sirloin steak, a grilled quail, grilled onions, mushrooms and fries, followed by blackberry cobbler. All of us creaked and groaned our way back to our vehicles, stuffed to the gills, and I think most of us are still digesting, twenty-four hours later!

I got back a short while ago after an uneventful six-hour drive. I'll put up a few blog posts, then it's beddy-byes for me.



Christina RN LMT said...

Looks like a VERY happy crew!

Anonymous said...

Are... are... are those GORILLAS on the Dog's pink shirt?

FarmGirl said...

The grilled quail there is fantastic! Now I'm craving it... grr.

LabRat said...

*stares at cottage cheese on toast for lunch*

I hate you.

Old NFO said...

I'm staring at airplane food... trade ya for the cottage cheese LR!