Sunday, August 9, 2009

OK, I'm impressed!

A Chinese couple has just celebrated a rather unique wedding.

A Chinese bride hopes to enter the record books after getting married in an astonishing 1.4 mile-long wedding dress.

It took guests more than three hours to unroll Lin Rong's gown, complete with 9,999 silk red roses.

And the groom, Zhao Peng, was just as excited about his bride making history, as he was about the nuptials.

'Both the length of the dress and the number silk roses pinned on the wedding dress can make history,' the 28-year-old railway worker from northeast Jilin province said.

Mr Zhao was inspired after seeing a story on the previous record holder in Romania, where the dress measured just over 0.9 miles.

He has sent an application to Guinness World Records including a video of his wedding to his 25-year-old school teacher sweetheart.

There's more at the link.

Ye Gods and little fishes! A 1.4-mile-long train? That's almost 2,500 yards! At least she didn't try to recruit flower-girls to hold the whole thing up . . . that might have taken most of the kids for miles around!


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