Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Chappaquiddick - dead at last

I note with no sadness whatsoever that Senator Edward Kennedy, of Chappaquiddick fame, died last night.

I may be criticised for saying it, but if anyone left the world a better place by leaving it, he did. I can only hope that Mary Jo Kopechne was there to greet him appropriately when he arrived on the other side.

It wasn't only because of Chappaquiddick that I say this. Senator Kennedy was an amoral, completely cynical politician who laid waste to any and every cause he touched. He denied and rode roughshod over the moral teachings of his purported religious faith (but still had the gall to write personally to the Pope a few weeks ago); he was one of the most Left-wing individuals in the Senate, laying waste to the Constitution and perjuring his oath of office in much of the legislation he sponsored; and he epitomized the 'do as I say, don't do as I do' school of politics, putting on a brave front of moral indignation when necessary, but behaving utterly amorally when out of the public eye.

It's a devastating commentary on the quality of the people of Massachusetts that they continued to elect him to office for over four decades.

He avoided, evaded and dodged justice for all these years on earth. May he finally be brought to account now, before the Judge to Whom all of us must one day answer. I'll pray for mercy for him, just as I will for any dead or dying person: but in his case, it'll take an awful lot of it to counterbalance the scales of human, cosmic and even Divine justice that he perversely and cynically warped for so very, very long.

I suggest the late Senator be buried at sea. There's a tidal channel off Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts that might be the perfect location . . . and sea-water's good for fighting fires, too. For Senator Kennedy, wherever he is now, that might come in very useful.



Joe Allen said...

Ummmm... I very much doubt that his travel itinerary ends with the same destination as Mary Jo's.

Although it might be most fitting if he had a short layover where he got to peek through the gate at what he missed out on, and Ms. Kopechne got a cricket bat and a free swing at the Kennedy Jewels before sending him on his way.

That would be awesome.

HankH said...

Well put!

Mark@Bismarck said...

Ditto's on the free swing, it's the LEAST she deserved. I did hear there was priest with him at the time of his death. I can only speculate that the late senator wanted to clear his consience. Let's pray for his soul that was the case.

Kevin Reynolds said...

My god. And you were once a pastor? In what, the church of the right-wings hatred? And you're talking about morality, cosmic and even divine justice? Man you are so out of line here. The devastating commentary on the quality of people anywhere is this kind squat you just dumped on yourself. Better save your mercy for your own needs. You reap what you sow pastor. Count yourself down one follower.

Peter said...

To Kevin Reynolds: Sir, no, I don't hate Senator Kennedy or anyone else. I speak truth. There's a difference.

Senator Kennedy denied and defied the truth of God and man in his life on earth, and is now facing eternal justice for what he did. I do not judge him - that's God's place, not mine. I merely point out the facts, which are known to anyone and everyone who researches the subject for themselves. It's hardly a State secret.

As for 'reaping what I sow', I surely will, Sir. I know that. It's why I'm rather careful what I sow. You'll find no hatred of Senator Kennedy as a person in my post: only discussion of his actions. I hope and trust that Senator Kennedy was able to repent of his many sins, faults and failings before he died. However, when one is convinced that they're not sins, faults and failings, one's not likely to repent of them - and therein lies the problem. He was so sure that he knew better than God or man . . .

You might also ask about Mary Jo Kopechne in the context of 'reaping what you sow'. Senator Kennedy sowed that for himself a long, long time ago.

I'm sorry you won't be reading here any more. I continue to welcome all comments, even opposing ones. Good luck to you in your future in the blogosphere.

raven said...

I was willing to forgive Kennedy - until I found out he waited for 12 hours to report the "accident." He spent his time in full on cover-up mode.

I believe one can learn more about someones character in a few searing minutes than in a lifetime of normalacy.

True story- I was sitting on the ferry boat once,and due to the proximidy of the folks behind me, heard them critizing some former aquaintance. After hearing them run this guy down for a few minutes, one asked the other "what became of Bill, anyway."? "Oh, replied the other, " he died going into a burning building to save some kids." I was astounded, to say the least, that this man should ever again be critized for anything. His character , to me, was permanantly established in the manner of his death.

Jerry said...

Peter, I tend to agree with you. The truth about Senator Kennedy speaks volumes about his true character.

Truly, he was a man who loved power.

As for me I like to think that The Great Judge allowed Mary Jo to inflict the sensation of drowning as he died.

Kevin Reynolds said...

To Peter:

Yes, you are careful alright, to couch your true meaning in your interpretation of “the facts” as you see them. If you think the true intent of your message is not obvious, you are merely self-deceived.

Daily, you post “Doofus of The Day”. Clearly, you are better than these people. In this post you say you know both God and man better than Senator Kennedy. It appears you think you are better than most on the planet.

Look up “hate” on Wiktionary. “To dislike intensely”.

Your words: (He) “left the world a better place by leaving it”; (He) “was an amoral, completely cynical politician”; “He denied and rode roughshod over the moral teachings of his purported religious faith”; “he was one of the most Left-wing individuals in the Senate” (I guess just being left-wing is enough to elicit hatred); (he laid) “waste to the Constitution”. You even condemn “the quality of the people of Massachusetts that they continued to elect him to office for over four decades”. You suggest a burial at sea as “sea-water's good for fighting fires”. I would say all this amounts to an intense dislike or, more plainly, hate.

You may deceive yourself, and maybe some of your readers too, all you like, but believe me, there are many who recognize your words for what they are.

Peter said...

Mr. Reynolds, there's a word for what you're doing. It's called 'projection'. If you wish to project your understanding onto my words, you are, of course, free to do so. However, I respectfully beg to differ.

As to 'saying I know both God and man better than Senator Kennedy' - I'm afraid I'm laughing too hard to respond adequately. I said and meant no such thing. I think that's clear to other readers, at least. And being 'better than most on the planet'? No, regretfully that's not so, and I can't think of anything I've said that would imply it. I'm too far from sainthood to be complacent about it!

As to 'hating' Senator Kennedy: no, I never hated the man. Appropriate terms for my feelings for him might include 'contempt', 'scorn' and 'derision' - but not hatred. I'll save that for folks like Osama bin Laden, who deserve it.

Sebastian said...

Peter, where do you figure the good senator will end up? I'm personally not a religious man, but I entertain the thought of him in the ninth circle. Only question though is how much of him that is covered in ice...

Anonymous said...

Seb -
The devil has probably been excavating a whole new lower level for that treasonous, murdering sexual predator.
And Kevin REALLY should educate himself on how Teddy managed to commit murder, treason and probably out womanized his brother John when he wasn't doing his best to destroy this country.

The Raving Prophet said...

Kennedy loved nothing more than to claim the moral high ground while lying about another (see Robert Bork's confirmation), espousing to care for others while having a significant hand in the death of another, and seems to have survived solely on the love of builders and boomers for the name established by his brothers.

There is no other way to see a man's character than through his actions, and Kennedy's actions speak loud and clear. He won't be missed.

And Peter, don't let yourself be dragged down by somebody who expects that because you served the Lord he is able to dictate your actions and beliefs through his own definition of what is "Christian."

tooldieguy said...

The late and unlamented senator was a classic example of "sacrifice for thee but not for me" While voting repeatedly to deny law-abiding citizens their gun rights, his bodyguards carried full autos. His length of tenure in the senate is a profound reason why term limits should be mandated.

Kevin Reynolds said...


Look up, do a little reading, and prevent some embarrassment.

Peter, there are some words for what you are doing, "self deception" and "being in denial" come to mind.

Peter said: "As to 'saying I know both God and man better than Senator Kennedy....I said and meant no such thing."

Again, look up at your first response to me: "Senator Kennedy denied and defied the truth of God and man in his life on earth".

Your words Peter, not mine.

Anonymous said: "And Kevin REALLY should educate himself on how Teddy managed to commit murder, treason and probably out womanized his brother John when he wasn't doing his best to destroy this country."

I have made no comment for or against Senator Kennedy. My comments were directed at Peter's post only.

What good does a post like this do? None. It serves only to galvanize people on opposite sides of an issue.

Preach all the hate and division you like. Brother, you can count me out.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Look up? Do a little reading? Prevent some embarrassment? Taste your own medicine, please, and understand why those of us who see him as having gotten away unashamedly with a woman's murder and a lifetime of corrupting and destroying this great nation in a quest for power are, if not having actively wished him dead, certainly reading his obituary with a certain sense of satisfaction.

While I would not presume to speak for Peter, who certainly can speak for himself, I'll say this with certainty. There is evil in this world, as surely as there is good, and there are men whose words and actions are evil. And when a man who has lied, sown discord, and claimed himself immune from the laws he would chain others to is called out for having done so, it may be unpleasant to see and read, but that does not make it any less true.

Would you rather our host here cast his eyes to the sky and foreswore himself, claiming the man was most surely divine and will be seated at the right hand of God the father? Even when ugly, I'll take truth any day.

Though, I must admit, I am human in heart and soul - it may yet stand true that in his last moments, Kennedy recognized his sins and repented of them. God, being far more forgiving and loving than any human is capable of being, will take him up even then, and it will be with some measure of surprise that I may yet greet him at the gates to heaven. So it comes in the end, that the final mercy and justice is God's, and the highest and lowest of souls, the proudest and the humblest, the evil and the saintly, yours and mine and Kennedy's, will all have to stand before him in our turn.

Noons said...

Couldn't agree more with this post.

Senator Kennedy always gave me the heebies: not because I think he was a socialist, mostly because of the MJK affair. Literally, he got away with murder.

But there is much more.

I can understand some of his policies in the context of his political stance and inclination.

However, I am of the school that says a politician is never honest, and when I see someone like him with a "for-life" seat, I have to ask myself what's behind it.

Having lived long enough to stop believing in honest politicians I am a fervent supporter of limited time in office, no matter what: it's the only way to stop certain rorts.

In Ted Kennedy's case, it'd have been most applicable.

This however is not an attack on him as a person. It's never good to see someone go with illness, no matter what. Never.
May his God bless his soul.

Anonymous said...


I think you were spot on. What HE DID, the evil he did, was worthy of scorn and righteous anger from all who purport to follow the Christian God or have any understanding of Natural Law. Catholics like him embarrass the heck out of me and make me want to scream at the injustice they perpetrate.

He, as a person, on the other hand is solely in God's hands. What The Almighty chooses to do with Teddy is up to Him. Just because we can say that what he DID was evil, we aren’t saying he was evil or damned. There is no hatred in pointing out a person’s malicious acts and calling them for what they are after their death just as there is no hatred in pointing them out during their life.

As a Catholic, I can only pray he unburdened himself properly and fully before his final exit. But I have a feeling that when one lives this way, one generally dies this way as well.

As for the world being a better place? It is. When people who do terrible things leave this proving ground for the Hear After; it can only add by subtraction. But sadly, the lies and hatred they planted tangle up the fruits of others for generations. While Teddy is no more, the evil that he did will echo thorough history like an ever growing crack in a house’s foundation. It will take many men (and women) of courage and faith to stop it, let alone undo it.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget Ted writing to the Russian and offering to seel America out.

Rick R. said...

I just cannot get over the fact that the diver who pulled Kopechne's body out of the wreck pointed out that she was in an air bubble.

His absolute lack of human compassion, his absolute lack of real remorse, his letter (now in teh public record) to the Soviet Union in the 1980's offering to brief Soviet leaders on how to best propagandize their platforms for consumption by the American public, his encouragement and enabling of absolute lawless behavior by the next generation of his familiy, and his slanders and lies of any political figure to the right of of Neville Chamberlain all illustrate that Chappaquiddick was NOT an anomaly.

It was a clear example of his core principles.