Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #256

Today's Doofus title is collectively awarded to the staff of the Canadian embassy in Kenya.

A Canadian woman, stranded in Kenya for three months because officials said she did not resemble her passport photo, has arrived home in Toronto.

Suaad Mohamud was prevented in May from returning from a two-week holiday.

Canadian consular officials accused her of being an imposter, voided her passport and asked Kenyan officials to prosecute her.

. . .

[They] maintained that she was not who she claimed to be, even when Ms Mohamud handed over several other forms of identification.

It was not until a DNA test confirmed her identity on Monday that Canadian officials prepared emergency travel documents so that she could return to Toronto.

There's more at the link.

I have only one question. Why are the idiots on the consular staff who handled Ms. Mohamud's case still on the Canadian government payroll? Their heads should roll, at once if not sooner. If this is how they look after the welfare of their citizens, perhaps Canadians would be better off without a consular service at all!

I understand Ms. Mohamud intends to sue the Canadian and Kenyan governments over the affair. Good for her! I hope the court awards substantial and salutory damages, to teach these idiots that they're public servants, not public masters!



raven said...

Useless to sue- the Gov. has it's paid lawyers, the money comes from the taxpayer, and the award, if any, comes from the taxpayer. This is the epitome of "no personal responsibility".

Anonymous said...

Was Ms. Mohamud wearing a burka or equivalent in her ID photos?