Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is your digital camera smarter than you are?

That's the intriguing title of an article in the Daily Mail. The author discusses some of the latest developments in the field of digital photographic technology, and certainly makes his point! Among the new features he discusses are cameras that:

  • Recognize your family and friends;
  • Detect a smile and capture the moment;
  • Act as a personal party photographer, using a docking station and snapping away all night long;
  • Project your images through a built-in projector;
  • Are practically unbreakable;
  • Improve your skin tone;
  • Produce 3D images;
  • Take 30 shots per second;
  • Make you look slimmer;
  • Allow you to capture a whole panorama;
  • Retake the picture after you blink.

The article describes each feature in detail. Taken together, they certainly make the average point-and-shoot of today look fairly bland! When all those features are combined into a single camera, it'll be as much of a revolution then as the first digital cameras were in the age of film.


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