Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So much for allergies!

I'm dumbfounded to read of a Saudi businessman who's paid almost $50,000 to have a penis enlargement device fabricated out of solid gold, and studded with 40 diamonds.

His reason?

He has an allergic reaction to the normal stainless steel version!

Since the standard version costs only about $530, he's sure paying a high price to avoid an itch - or, rather, to scratch one! Wouldn't plastic have done just as well?



Electricfunk said...

Something tells me Mohammad would not approve.

reflectoscope said...

50 large? What a dope, all you need is a BMW. I neither vouch for it nor recommend the simply-motivated women one would likely attract thusly, but if it didn't work BMW would have been out of business ages ago.


Anonymous said...

Writing as someone who has nickel allergies and cannot wear a steel watch or silver jewelry, if the sheik has to stay in contact with the gizmo long enough to cause a reaction, he really, really needs to see a doctor.

joe said...

Studded with 40 diamonds? That'll make him really popular...