Monday, August 31, 2009

The truth is spreading . . .

I posted on this blog last week about the ten-billion-dollar handout to trades unions concealed in the health care reform proposals being bandied about in Washington. I'm pleased to see that other news media are beginning to publicize this boondoggle. The Washington Examiner ran a piece about it today. However, most of the mainstream media are remaining deaf, dumb and blind to it. It's a sickening display of partisanship and abdication of responsibility. One hopes they'll learn from the Examiner's example . . . but I won't hold my breath waiting.

Also, Mark Steyn is caustically concise in his coverage of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy. I've written about it in two articles during the past week. He concentrates on Chappaquiddick, regarding it as an indictment both of the Senator and of those who continued to elect him regardless. I couldn't agree more.

The mainstream media may be largely in the pocket of this Administration and the left wing of US politics, but there are still voices out there who have the courage to speak up and not be silenced. For the sake of this great nation, let's hope they continue to do so - and let's hope that the average American continues to seek out the truth for him- or herself, rather than rely on the insipid pablum being dispensed by the mainstream media.


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