Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They did it!

A few days ago I wrote about a British team that was about to attempt to beat the land speed record for a steam-powered vehicle. The current record of 127.659 mph was set as long ago as 1906.

Well, they did it! They set a new mark of 139.843 mph (averaging two runs in opposite directions) on a specially-laid-out course at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

You'll find full details and more pictures at the link.

Congratulations to all concerned. I understand they're going to use their last day at Edwards AFB, tomorrow, to see if they can lift the record even higher.



Old NFO said...

That is great! Steam lives! :-)

Roger said...

It's nifty that they beat the record, but come on! They could only beat the record by 12 mph?!?! Look at what they were trying to beat:

With all the technology in this new car, you'd expect them to do a lot better. Heck, if they had just taken the Stanley design and streamlined it better they could probably have gotten 12 mph more out of it.

I'm reminded of the Bristol Brabazon.

Anonymous said...

Steam?? STEAM??

Is the next new alternative energy source for autos? Oh, wait, that would mean burning something to heat the water to make the steam. And we CAN'T have THAT kind of pollution in the atmosphere now, can we? (snark)

B Woodman

reflectoscope said...

Now that is one high-speed tea kettle! I wonder if they'd gain any performance at higher altitude? I gather steam propulsion is more efficient at lower densities. My educational background being what it is, I should know why too, come to think of it.