Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Great Romance - FAIL!

Jay David went away for a couple of weeks, having informed his girlfriend that he'd be out of town. It seems, unfortunately, that she didn't listen very well.

Here's the video narration of her messages to him during those two weeks.

Talk about a holocaust of domestic understanding!



ajdshootist said...

I take it she's a blonde!

Anonymous said...

If there's no eye contact, there's no communication and the receiving party cannot be held responsible for not understanding/complying with the sending party.
Or so I defend myself!
Little Red1

HankH said...

Oh my goodness, I needed a good laugh!!!


Amanda in AK said...

Wow, maybe she needs to stop drinking and e-mailing at the same time.

raven said...

He should thank his lucky star he took that trip and left his phone off. Otherwise he could have done something really dumb, like marrying her.

jbrock said...

Yet further evidence that 'passionate' is too often a euphemism for 'psychotic'.