Saturday, August 15, 2009

Now that's a useful invention!

I'm fascinated to read an article in the Daily Mail about a new invention to help newborn infants sleep at night.

A revolutionary new cot mattress that simulates the sensation of the womb could spell the end of sleepless nights for parents.

The invention, which has a series of inflatable pads and is placed under the existing mattress, reduced the time it took to settle babies by up to 90 per cent in trials.

The pads gently fill with air and then deflate again, mimicking a rocking motion.

And a cuddly toy sheep clipped to the side of the cot broadcasts the sound of a mother’s heartbeat, along with a choice of sounds, including a vacuum cleaner and harp music.

Vacuum-cleaner noise has long been known to help calm babies because it is similar to the whoosh – or white noise – heard in the womb, while studies have shown that harp music can help to soothe and relax.

The motion of the pads also encourages babies to sleep on their backs, recommended as the safest position for babies under six months old.

The product, Easidream, was developed by mother-of-six Lynda Harding after she battled to get her youngest child Bradley, who is now seven years old, to sleep as a baby.

There's more at the link, including photographs.

Ingenious! I wonder why no-one's ever tried before to duplicate the motion and sounds of the womb to help a baby sleep? I hope the inventor makes a mint - and I hope the invention helps countless mothers to get more rest at night. My mother always said I was the worst of her four kids, with 'three-month colic', and I simply wouldn't drop off to sleep when I was supposed to. I daresay she'd have sold her false teeth for an Easidream to cope with me!



Thomas A said...

Almost 30 years ago, my babies went to sleep with the help of a Teddy Bear that contained a noise maker, which sounded like the breathing/blood flow inside Momma.

Or at least we thought it did. Anyway, the noise idea is not new.

as Clear as PR said...

Hi, I have just come across you post on an alert. I am the PR for easidream. thanks so much for talking about it on your blog.