Friday, August 7, 2009

Did the earth move for you?

I'm laughing at the romantic trials and tribulations of a German couple.

A lightning quick sex session in a bush during a storm ended in a flash when a bolt of lightning struck the ground nearby making the earth move for the lovemaking couple.

Jens Gottlieb, 36 and his 28-year-old girlfriend Lisa Gruhn had pulled into a parking space on the busy A44 motorway in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, western Germany, and after kissing and cuddling decided to get out of the car and head into the nearby bushes to make love.

Because the nearby service station near the town of Werl was relatively busy they went a short distance into the wooded area and hid themselves in a bush where they stripped naked.

They were so carried away that they didn't stop even when thunder and lightning started to rip through the air - until a bolt of lightning struck the ground nearby.

The terrified pair ran out of the bush naked and fled in a torrential downpour that followed the lightning strike.

They lost their way and were spotted blundering around in the dark by another motorist in a parking space who called police.

Officers who arrived a short while later managed to find the naked and shivering pair and help them into dry clothes and took them home.

Something tells me it'll take them a long, long time to live that down!



reflectoscope said...

I was camping once and had the lightning and the thunder show up at the same time, so it was well within 100 yards or so. I think that was the first clue I got that I wasn't as immortal as I had previously thought.


Mango's Madness said...

A man will follow his small appendage into situations that he would not normally follow a machine gun!