Saturday, August 22, 2009

Epijunky needs our help

Those of you who've browsed my reciprocal blogroll will have come across a blog called Pink, Warm and Dry. It's written by a lady whose nom-de-blog is Epijunky, and who works in EMS.

She recently made the decision to attend medic school, but has run into difficulties arranging financing for her studies - not surprising, I suppose, considering the state of many banks these days. Be that as it may, a bunch of her blogger friends have put their heads together, and come up with an idea to help her. I learned about it from Ambulance Driver, who refers those interested to this site to learn how they can help Epijunky pursue her dream.

At the link, you'll find this challenge from Bernice:

I know money is tight. I know we most of us don't "know" her, but I dare you to take five minutes and read through Epi's blog and tell me she doesn't deserve a chance to make her dream come true. She has worked so hard to get where she is today only to be stopped in her tracks.

I'm challenging all of you to three fives. Give five dollars, tell five friends and take five minutes to stop by Epi's blog and give her some words of encouragement.

I have put a donation button in the sidebar. Every last penny goes to Epi and getting her to medic school. I HATE asking for money but I can't think of anyone else that deserves this as much as she does.

You'll find the donation button on Bernice's blog. Reader, if you enjoy this little blog of mine, and you've taken the time to have a look at Epijunky's, may I ask you to join me in responding to Bernice's challenge? I daresay all of us can afford a mere $5 to help someone who deserves it. That's no more than the price of one beer at a pub, or a Big Mac and fries.

Would you please join me - us - in helping Epijunky achieve her dream? I'd be personally very grateful: and you never know . . . she might be the one to patch you up after an accident, one day! Talk about a return on your investment!

Thanks, folks.



Ambulance Driver said...

She's a good person, and raising two kids by herself on an EMT job that barely pays more than minimum wage.

Paramedic school is her ticket out of working for the little EMS sweatshops that are her only employment options now.

Here's hoping she makes it.

Epijunky said...

Thank you, Peter. I don't know what to say...

And AD, I will make it. Thanks to you and Peter and so many others.

Thank you.

raven said...

Got a address to mail donations?