Monday, August 24, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #259

Today's Doofus title goes to the winner of a recent eBay auction.

On August 16th, I reported that the grave directly above that of Marilyn Monroe was being auctioned by the widow of the person now occupying it. She wanted to raise money to pay off the mortgage on her house, so as to leave it to her children unencumbered by debt.

The vault containing Marilyn Monroe's crypt (circled in red)

Today comes the news that the crypt has been sold - for an unbelievable $4,602,100!

Let me spell that out. Four million, six hundred and two thousand, one hundred dollars.

For a grave???

More accurately, for a crypt measuring what looks like about 7'x3'x3'?

That would make it about 63 cubic feet overall . . . and the buyer's just paid $73,049 and some cents for every one of those cubic feet!

And to make matters worse, the buyer won't even get to enjoy their presence in his or her purchase! After all, they'll be dead! They won't exactly be throwing parties there, will they?

A Doofus, indeed . . .

On the other hand, congratulations to the seller. She had a mortgage of $1.6 million to pay off on her home, and she's raised almost three times that amount. I daresay her children will be happy!



Jenny said...

Well, could be he's looking to get first in line to court the young lady once the Resurrection of the Body comes to pass.


Anonymous said...

Who cares? His/her money to spend as they wish, BEFORE they're dead & someone else grabs control.

But it's funny, anyway.

B Woodman

Stranger said...

I hate to be a wet blanket but first dibs on the money goes to the tax collectors. The publicans will be camped on the lady's doorstep until they get their cut.

I suspect that after Federal, State, and local taxes, the lady will net something less than two mil. But at least the kids get a house. If they can pay the taxes on it.


Anonymous said...

You left out the part where the current occupant over Ms. Monroe is buried (entombed?) face down...

Sebastian said...

Perhaps the dead are a hard partying bunch? Who knows? ;)