Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ballet in uniform?

A tip o' the hat to Bob at Raven's Beak for forwarding the link to this story.

BoingBoing reports:

The India-Pakistan border-crossing ceremony is "more like a cricket match than a ceremony" -- a kind of elaborate transborder military display complete with impressive hats and other regalia. Igpajo sez, "This ceremony looks like the bastard love child of a certain Monty Python skit and a Maori War Dance! Gotta love the little handshake at the end after all the posturing and stomping."

Having watched the video, I couldn't agree more!



ZerCool said...

I'm afraid your walk isn't silly enough to warrant a grant for further development.

Beyond the pageantry though, this kind of ceremony strikes me as a near-sacred touchstone in that piece of the world. Harder to go to war when you're trying to cooperate like that every evening... or at least I'd hope so.

Noons said...

And I thought the silly walk thing was restricted to actors...
Still: if it keps them off their weapons, so much the better!

Old NFO said...

Interesting.... and agree if it keeps em from shooting, more the better!

Cybrludite said...

I suspect their nations respective stashes of "bottled sunshine" keeps the cross-border shooting to a minimum more than the stomping around while waving their arms at the gates. ;-)

My man question is what's the deal with those hats? They make Zouave uniforms look practical!

Anonymous said...

The Ministry of Silly Walks is alive and well.

B Woodman