Friday, March 26, 2010

The lady and the reaper

Here's a fun cartoon showing an old lady, ready for death, and the (mis)adventures of Death as he tries to claim her.



Old NFO said...

Now that one is cute... :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor Death, just can't catch a break.


Anonymous said...

That was absolutely hilarious.

Jenny said...

Honestly, I'm torn on that one.

On the one hand it's sweet, and I do look forward to one day joining beloved souls on the other side of the veil already... Lord only knows how much more that will be true in fifty years, should I stay this side of the dirt so long.

On the other, I'm detecting a vibe of "just get all those NHS-fund consuming, stodgy old people out of the way." vibe that's just plain old creepy.

staghounds said...

Cerberus does it for me.