Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mexico is still a no-go area for US tourists

I've written many times before about the danger to US visitors in Mexico right now, with the fight between the Government and drug cartels (and cartels fighting each other) making things very unsafe indeed. Now the Texas Department of Public Safety has issued its own warning, hot on the heels of another from the US State Department.

The Texas Department of Public Safety took the unprecedented step Thursday of telling college students not to visit Mexican border cities during spring break because they are just too dangerous.

Several universities issued similar warnings last year, but this was the first time the Texas law enforcement agency had issued the specific advisory against travel, said spokeswoman Tela Mange. In the past, she said, Texas authorities had just urged students to be careful.

"Because of the increased violence, we decided to step it up a little bit and say, 'Parents, bad idea,'" Mange said.

DPS Director Steven C. McCraw said, "Parents should not allow their children to visit these Mexican cities because their safety cannot be guaranteed."

The State Department renewed a travel alert to Mexico last month, citing increased violence in the country -- border areas in particular.

There's more at the link.

People, if you love your family and friends, don't let them visit Mexico right now . . . and don't do so yourselves.


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