Saturday, March 13, 2010

World's least successful armed robber?

The potential holder of this record comes from Thermal, California.

Authorities in California's Riverside County say that a woman with a gun robbed 11 customers at a market - but only got away with $6, for a total take of just under 55 cents per person threatened.

A Sheriff's Department statement says the woman was armed with a semi-automatic pistol when she went to La Chicanita Market in the town of Thermal on Tuesday afternoon, according to The Press-Enterprise newspaper.

Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela says the woman confronted 10 customers in the store and also demanded money from one person who was entering the market.

She then fled in an old car. Nobody was hurt.

Sounds like an inauspicious beginning to a life of crime. Oh, well . . . I guess she can blame it on the recession. Even the crooks are suffering!


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Pawpaw said...

Actually, I went to the market tonight with no cash in my pocket. Picked up $40.00 worth of stuff and paid with it by swiping my check card. I very seldom carry cash.

However, there is a revolver in my pocket.