Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome to some new readers from New Zealand

I noticed a number of visits to my blog recently from the Trademe community message board in New Zealand. Nice to have you here, folks. Stay awhile!

One thing, though. I noted that when some of you link to this blog, you link to the main blog URL and tell folks to scroll down to the post that interests you. There's an easier way. Simply click on the title of the post you want, and it'll open in a new window, with a URL that'll take you directly to the post in future. The new window will also show all comments and links to the post. Alternatively, Windows users can use their secondary mouse button to click on the post title and then select 'Copy Link Location'. That'll copy the direct URL to your clipboard, and you can paste it from there to anywhere you want to use it. You can use that URL to direct others straight to the post in question; or you can use TinyURL or a similar service to make a shorter one for ease of posting.

I seem to have quite a few readers in Australia and New Zealand. As a Southern Hemisphere expatriate myself, it's nice to have you here.


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