Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When will the bleeding stop?

I've written extensively about the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. I keep hoping against hope that the Church will finally be shown to have dealt effectively with the systemic corruption and moral rot that appears to pervade its hierarchy . . . but every time I get my hopes up, something happens to dash them.

It's just happened again.

Gawker has published an investigation into the Archdiocese of Miami, Florida, which appears to demonstrate conclusively a climate of moral corruption so all-pervasive and intense that it's a wonder faithful Catholics managed to remain faithful. (I guess that shows how God's grace can overcome even the most unGodly obstacles to reach those who genuinely seek it.) Nevertheless, this latest scandal - which I urge you to read for yourself - is sickening beyond my ability to describe it.

My decision to withdraw from ministry in the Catholic Church was painful to make . . . but the ongoing stream of scandal, institutionalized corruption, and an inability or unwillingness on the part of the 'system' to deal with those parts of it that are corrupt, provides further grounds every day to persuade me that I made the only possible decision - for me. (Of course, that decision was based on my personal situation and reaction to the sex abuse scandal. Others, in different positions and with different perspectives, made different decisions. I don't criticize them for a moment, and I pray that God will continue to lead and guide all of us in our lives and ministries.)

Coming on top of yesterday's political betrayal in Washington, this news of further moral betrayal merely deepens my disgust and overwhelming feeling of mental and spiritual nausea. It's been a lousy week so far, hasn't it?




Dad29 said...

Kinda nice to know that you and B-16 are in the same corner on this mess.

Milwaukee isn't that much better, despite the changes made here over 10 years ago, by the way.

Same problem: if the Abp. summarily canned all the ......problems.....there'd be no one left to run the parishes.

FrankC said...

If you complained to the Vatican they would reply that you left to marry a woman, so you are the heretic.
The problem is with the whole celibacy requirement. Was that Paul or some other f'd up dude?

Peter said...

@FrankC: As a matter of fact, I didn't leave to marry at all. I left because of the catastrophically corrupt and abysmally inept way in which the Church was handling the child sex abuse scandal. I described the process in Part II of my articles on the crisis (see my blog's sidebar for links).

It was almost five years after leaving the ministry before I met the lady who is now my wife.

trailbee said...

I am so sorry that these problems have not been properly addressed. I know your heart is in the Church, and it must pain you deeply. But, if I may throw a parallel in here? How about Tom Coburn's CSpan@ presentation (below here) and the present situation in the Catholic Church regarding their problems? Don't they look the same? The problems are there, everyone who should help to fix them is avoiding it for personal gain/loss.
Also, I am so glad you DID find your wife. A nice relationship soothes the heart. :)