Monday, August 29, 2011

(With) what were they thinking?

The video below shows what happens when men can't keep their minds (not to mention other portions of anatomy) on what they're doing. It also demonstrates that an attractive woman in a short skirt can be a weapon of mass destruction!



trailbee said...

And here I thought they always wore pants and Nehru jackets. Stupid me. :)

Lokidude said...

At the very least, a weapon of mass distraction.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago at an airport that will not be identified beyond the initials PDK, an associate of mine was entreated by one of the airport managers not to wear a certain dress on the ramp again. She had been hurrying out to warn a gentleman that he (and they) was going to be late for a Battle of Britain commemoration event if he didn't turn the aircraft display over to someone else and get cleaned up. She has a very, very good figure and two line guys almost severely damaged a biz-jet and a corporate twin as the (exceedingly distracted) young men observed my associate's trot over the tarmac. I just thought that it was a nice outfit and she wore it quite well, but then I'm a female of the species.


Anonymous said...

"You go where you look" is a motorcycle truism.


Merlin said...

Or was that a weapon of mass 'distraction'?