Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dylan Ratigan speaks the truth

I've warned, and warned, and warned, about our economic plight, ever since I started this blog. Many other commentators have done the same . . . and virtually all of them have been ignored.

Tonight I can add another commentator to the roll of honor of those who have spoken the truth. Dylan Ratigan exploded during an interview on MSNBC and told it like it is. See for yourselves.

Most of our politicians are nowhere near as honest as Mr. Ratigan (with a few honorable exceptions).



Bill N. said...

You are crazy if you think Dear Reader aka Obama, who has been bought off himself, is going to clean up the corruption in Congress.

Unknown said...

That was amazing.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Dude was spot on with regard to the problems we are facing, and it was a pulpit-pounding fire-and-brimstone version of the things you have pointed out on this blog before.

Unfortunately, the tank drained dry as soon as he started talking about the President abandoning Congress. That is already a problem to at least a significant degree, and should it become the "solution," then, mark my words: we will devolve into chaos, and the outcomes, at their most extreme, are war or totalitarianism.

I will trust no single person, man or woman, to solve our country's problems. There are waaaaay to many bad examples of that, and not too many good ones. And even the good ones are arguable.


perlhaqr said...

It can't work like that.

You can't "take the money out" of the political process as long as the political process has the ability to pick financial winners and losers. I mean, what's the return on investment for a company if you get a bunch of people elected to congress, and then they turn around and vote to give you 750 billion dollars in TARP funds, for example.

trailbee said...

Great, great vid. Thanks. Not going to happen, though. POTUS's agenda is to destroy this country, which is happening as we read this. He DOES NOT WANT TO SAVE IT!

Dirk said...

He does have a handle on the problem, for the most part. But his proposed solution would be a disaster.