Sunday, August 21, 2011

A pedophile reveals his twisted mind

Readers will recall the article I wrote about pedophilia a few days ago. Labrat of the Atomic Nerds picked it up, and published her reaction to my article. The same pro-pedophile commenter showed up here and at her blog. I silenced him right away, and went to comment moderation to prevent him from using my blog as a soapbox for his warped, twisted, evil views: but Labrat decided to let him speak, if only to allow others to see how the minds of such people work.

The result was sickeningly successful. As one commenter there, himself a coroner, said:

LabRat - Thanks for letting Klein speak, you accomplished your mission, and creeped even ME out. That takes some doing.

If my readers would like to know how a pedophile thinks, and see how these warped, twisted creatures can rationalize their evil impulses, I urge you to read Labrat's article and the comments it's attracted, including those of the pro-pedophile respondent. It'll open your eyes to a very different and altogether repulsive version of reality.

(You'll also understand why I prevented him from continuing to comment here. I'm afraid I can't put into words my reaction to his views without . . . oh, never mind!)



Morris said...

Klein certainly demonstrated the lengths of delusion people some people will attain to make their particular brand of evil ok.


bluntobject said...

Talk about the banality of evil. Our little specialpants (I'm borrowing LabRat's phrase) stuck to exactly the same script as the standard-issue Mk. 1 mod 0 internet politics troll: Repeated assertion of what he wanted to be true, refusal to engage arguments for which he didn't have an answer, and a heaping helping of smarmy ad hominem argument.

Mad Jack said...

Klein is a troll, no more nor less.

Here's the thing about pedophilia. While some people are analyzing the offenders and others are providing counseling for the victims, and still other people are writing books about the crime all this fuss is making society lose sight of the fact that it's wrong. It's a crime. The reason the criminal commits this crime doesn't matter.

Shoot the SOB, shovel him under and let's get on with business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I think my mind just threw up over him :-(