Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Has shaving and trimming become a spectator sport?

It seems so, judging by the efforts made by producers to sell their products. First, Philips are trying to cash in on the 'green' movement with an environmentally-styled game to sell their shaving and trimming products to men.

If you want to play it, click here to get started. I won't be buying their products, but it's not a bad idea.

Then, Wilkinson Sword has a few commercials for ladies' razors and trimmers that are . . . well . . . different! Here are some of them.

Clearly, all those years I was wearing a beard, I didn't know what I was missing . . .



Stosh2 said...

Have you ever dreamed you were eating shredded wheat?

Anonymous said...

Not really Stosh2,

But I have dined quite a few times on Spinach pie with a frumunder cheese topping!

Old NFO said...

I'm surprised in this day and age they aren't just showing them trimming the real thing :-)

Anonymous said...

NFO - They probably do in the
"European(uncut)" version of the show.