Saturday, August 13, 2011

A home-made Hungarian water park!

Courtesy of a link at Dark Roasted Blend, we discover this rather unusual water feature.

I wonder what the inspectors over at OSHA would have to say to that? It'd probably send them into fits of apoplexy!



Murphy's Law said...

Aw, what could possibly go wrong...?

Bob@thenest said...

Uh, that water has a decidedly greenish tint to it? Just a very large Petri dish?

WV: sternize
Well, that's close!

Old NFO said...

But they ARE having fun! :-)

NavyOne said...

That is great! I hope they cleaned the bucket. . .

Unknown said...

Ah, yes! Making do, creating a toy out of whatever is handy. The lost art of playing with what you already have. Reminds me of making hollyhock dolls in the backyard.

...(she types on a keyboard that connects her to the whole world...*Sigh*)

Dad29 said...

Back in the Good Old Days, the contractor who had the stadium-bulb-changing contract hired a full-blooded American Indian to do the work. Those standards were ~100-foot poles.

He'd scamper up one light-standard, change a couple of burned-out bulbs, and then get the standard to sway side-to-side until he leaped from it to the next standard, where he'd change a few more bulbs.

It was, as you might imagine, the fastest way to get the job done.

Until one day, the OSHA guy happened to be in the Stadium and observed the routine.

Oh, well.

bruce said...

dad29, for real? awesome.

btw, its always bothered me that the individual can't make his own decisions.

Vonster said...

Looks like local gov kill joys don't like it.