Tuesday, August 30, 2011

World's biggest truck wash?

What's said to be the world's biggest truck wash is located in Lloydminster, Canada. It apparently consumes almost 20,000 US gallons of water (about 75,000 liters) to wash a single truck!

The undercarriage wash alone (i.e. wheels, suspension and frame) uses almost 1,500 gallons each minute. I guess that's necessary to get rid of the salt, slush, snow and ice from winter roads, or the dust, mud and grime of summer runs. It cost $140 (Canadian) to run the truck shown above through the wash.


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John Peddie (Toronto) said...

As a Canadian who has worked in the trucking industry, that's actually a bargain and a good idea.

Alternative is to pay a shop helper to stand outdoors in sub-freezing weather, with a compressor and a wand, to do the same thing.

He can't get underneath the truck to get the salt off, and when he's done, you have a parking lot full of water which will soon become ice-not a good idea around 18-wheelers.