Friday, August 12, 2011

Doofus Of The Day #507

Today's winner is from Florida.

[A] woman and her boyfriend told the Gainesville Police Department that they had been drinking before the incident at the Georgetown apartments. The woman said she was holding a fireworks novelty item in her hand when she lit the fuse. She had been planning to toss the device out the front door, thinking it would make enough noise to wake her boyfriend.

Instead, the device exploded in her hand, tearing off her thumb, middle and ring fingers.

There's more at the link.

Clearly, the existence and ease of use of alarm clocks has not been sufficiently publicized . . .



Anonymous said...

An alarm clock? Seriously?
I'm surprised THAT she-male knucklehead figured out how to light the match.

Old Fart

Shrimp said...

Alcohol and fireworks, a BFI? Who'd a thunk it?

Old NFO said...

Shrimp got it :-) Can't say it any better!!!

TJIC said...

Any guesses as to how much the decent taxpayers will be on the hook for her medical care, her rehabilitation, her disability checks, etc. ?


Bob@thenest said...

Home of the University of Florida Gators. Just sayin'. :-)

Ritchie said...

Among several serious problems, there is the matter of attention span.