Friday, January 24, 2014

Anyone looking for a spiffy .44 Special revolver?

Following on from my earlier article about firearms for disabled and handicapped shooters, I'm trying to raise funds for training them (ammo isn't cheap these days - nor are range fees).  To that end, I'm going to sell one of the spiffier firearms in my collection.  It's a Smith & Wesson Model 396 Mountain Lite revolver, caliber .44 Special, identical to the one shown below.

You can read more about the Model 396 here.  Mine's in minty condition (I'd rate it as almost new), and has been fired very little indeed.  It's compact enough to fit into an overcoat pocket and extremely light (only 18 oz. empty), which is why John Taffin describes this model as "the easiest packin’ double action .44 Special ever offered".

Checking online gun sales and auctions (for example, here, here and here), used examples seem to sell for anywhere between the high $600's and the low $800's.  (There are a couple of auctions - see, for example, here and here - where over $1,000 was demanded, but I don't know if those guns sold at those prices.  I wouldn't pay that much for a 396.)  I'm therefore going to set my asking price in the lower end of the going rate range, at $725.  Cash deals are preferred, but trades may be considered.  If you want to make a lower offer, feel free to do so, on the understanding that a higher offer may take it.  I'll split the shipping costs (if any) with the buyer.

Needless to say, all legal requirements will be observed.  If the gun's sold out-of-state, I'll need a copy of your dealer's FFL before I ship it to him, and you'll have to fill out paperwork and undergo a background check before taking delivery.  (Face-to-face transfers between Tennessee residents are, of course, legal without that formality.)

If you're interested, please e-mail me (my address is in my blog profile).  Thanks!  If this goes well, I may sell a couple more guns from my collection for the same purpose.



emdfl said...

Pete - There's a 20ga mossie for sale over on the high road.

Anonymous said...

I have purchased a .45 ACP revolver from Peter during a previous blog appeal and can endorse the high quality of the weapon and his high character.

Peter said...

Thanks, Joe. How's that 325 working for you?


lee n. field said...

Oh, interesting. Sizewise, how does that compare to the Charter .44 Bulldog?

Peter said...

If you mean the 2½" barrel Bulldog, this one is a little larger, but a little lighter. It's shorter than the 4" barrel Bulldog.

Brock Townsend said...

only 18 oz. empty

That's impressive as my LCR .357 is 17. You would think yours would be a good bit more.