Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can one 'hack' true love?

I must confess to irrepressible glee when I read about Ravijour's 'True Love Tester' bra.

The “True Love Tester” bra can’t be masterfully unhooked by some skeevy player who hit on the wearer at a club. No, this bra only comes undone when sensors embedded inside it that are connected wirelessly to a smartphone app detect a particular heart rate.

According to the Victoria’s Secret-like company that made the bra, Ravijour, a particular heart rate over time indicates “love.” And what do you know, they even have a graph comparing the effects of jogging, shopping, eating spicy food and watching a horror movie with “flirting” and “surprise gift” on a lady’s heart. What better way to acknowledge being “in love” than having your glittery bra fly open?

There's more at the link.

Here's a video of how the 'True Love Tester' bra will work.

Am I the only one who can foresee every teenage computer geek becoming instant computer hackers, trying to get that smartphone app to pop open the bra on every conceivable occasion?  (You should pardon the expression.)



Stu Garfath. Sydney. said...

A beautiful concept, but for the following saying.
'What Man can do, Man will undo'.
Apply any pun whatsoever to the above, what the hell!.

Snoggeramus said...

It's faster to use scissors. Just sayin'.

Tim D said...

It's not quite the same thing, but as for hacking for true love there's this.

Phssthpok said...

Yes...but is it Oleg proof?

Old NFO said...

Heh... Chastity belt it ain't... :-)

Paul said...

Yeah, like that will work. Maybe in Japan.