Sunday, January 5, 2014

One heck of an advertisement!

This is funny, original, ingenious - and involves vintage warbirds!  What's not to like?  Be sure to watch it in full-screen mode.

Thanks to reader B. V. for sending me the link.



Murphy's Law said...

Most excellent indeed. A couple years back, they did a similar one with two vintage Spitfires, but I can't seem to find it any longer.

I has to have me a Corsair like that one.

Paul said...

Cute. Would love to fly either one of those birds. Both on the ground or in the air.

Stretch said...

Music? Why did they put in music?
What's better than a finely tuned radial and a Merlin V-12.

Stu Garfath. Sydney Australia. said...

Stretch, in answer to your question...
MANY finely tuned radials and merlins!!.
This is brilliant in every way.
Brietling got one fundamental thing perfect.
The engine sounds.
...Yeah, o.k, the 'twins' ain't too bad either.
The music?, it's horses for courses, some like, some don't.
It works for me though.
A very very nice bit of work all round!.

Stu Garfath. Sydney, Oz. said...

OOPS, concentration lapse in previous post.
BREITLING, I meant to spell BREITLING correctly, as here.
Sorry 'bout that Breitling.

Stretch said...

Stu, have you ever been to the aircraft museum in Temora, NSW?
I understand it is quite nice. As if I need another reason to visit.

I'm spoiled, I live 20 minutes from the Udvary-Hazy Annex, National Air & Space Museum, National Air & Space Museum.

Stu Garfath, Sydney Australia said...

I'm embarrassed to say, no, I have'nt been there...YET!.
About 6 years ago, I was fortunate enough to have a two day self arranged tour through the USAF Museum at Dayton, Ohio.
Stunningly impressive hardly conveys how I felt. I was actually seeing and TOUCHING things aeronautical that I have been aware of since my first conscious thought that involved wings.
Two gentlemen saw my gobsmacked looks of reverence, and afforded me a singular honour.
I was shown where to put two fingers on the side of the Have Blue/Tacit blue? machine, I pressed hard, and the crew access door opened. They invited me to stand inside the door, feet on the ground.
What I saw, felt and smelled will stay with me for eternity.
Jet jackson, you were instantly relegated to the mists of my boyhood, here, was the real thing!!.
I will be back.