Friday, October 10, 2014

Interesting flavor

Lesson learned:  when your powdered coffee creamer is in a white plastic flip-top container, it's not, repeat, not a good idea to put next to it on the kitchen counter your grated Parmesan cheese . . . also in a white plastic flip-top container.

When, next morning, bleary-eyed with sleep, you attempt to assemble your first cup of coffee of the day . . . you will understand.



Shrimp said...


I like Parmesan, I really do. I just can't imagine liking it in my coffee.

Billll said...

Parmisanachino! They'll charge extra for it at Starbucks, and you won't get any royalties at all.

Raptor said...

Oh man! Ick.

I shouldn't have laughed. But I did. Hard.


TGreen said...

Could have been worse. the time someone who will
remain nameless discovered that
the creamy white stuff they'd
loaded on their baked potato at a
prime rib joint wasn't sour cream.