Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Well, she asked for it, didn't she?

Last week I suggested that Houston pastors should deliver their sermons directly (and verbally and on television) to the Mayor and City Council of Houston, in response to the Mayor's demand (and subpoena) that they hand them over (in clear violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution).

Mike Huckabee went one better.  He suggested that pastors all across America send their sermons to the Mayor (because "obviously she could use a few"), and asked the viewers of his TV program to send her Bibles as well.  The call's been taken up by others, with interesting results.

Fresh off the stunning attack on religious liberty down in Houston ... there is now an effort underway by pastors across America to VOLUNTARILY send Bibles and their sermons to the mayor of Houston.

Mike Huckabee called for it and so has influential Christian author Eric Metaxas. Metaxas tells The Brody File, "Never in our history has religious freedom been so brazenly defied. A bold red line has been crossed. The Houston mayor's inexcusable demand to see the sermons of pastors is an outrageous and shocking affront to all Americans and to liberty itself. If the American church does not rise up and stand against this, there is no American church."

. . .

Sources [say] that pastors from Canada, Australia and Germany are also sending the Houston mayor Bibles and sermons. There are also big events planned around what happened in Houston. On November 2nd, The Family Research council is hosting a huge simulcast event in Houston at a big church.

There's more at the link.

This looks set fair to become an energizing get-out-the-vote issue all across the nation for Americans with strong religious beliefs . . . doubtless to the dismay of those not holding such beliefs.  I suspect the latter are presently cursing Houston's Mayor for daring to touch the subject at all.

Here's some reading that Mayor Annise Parker might find useful.

(And yes, even though I'm a retired pastor rather than in active ministry, I'll be sending a printout of a few sermons and a Bible to Her [dis]Honor!  I invite all clergy among my readers to do the same.  Let's enjoy the schadenfreude while we may . . . )



TGreen said...


Before you send her a Bible, think
of how she is likely to treat it.



Peter said...

@TGreen: That's not a bad point. :-(

Very well, then. Sermons - lots of sermons! - but no Bible.

Anonymous said...

It's not as if she needs more than a few -- the meaning of the text is the same in all of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, TGreen is correct on sending Bibles because that is just like casting pearls before swine. I am happy that you see this action in Houston as a threat, but you haven't been here in the USofA long enough to understand some of the background that is currently causing disruption in the US. That is the same as an American not understanding the friction between the Zulus and the ANC in the 80's.

For decades, those who hate God worked hard to dismantle the American family and the basic fabric that makes America America. 7-11 staying open on Sunday. Welfare for unwed mothers and healthy individuals. Allowing school to be indoctrination and not instruction, The minimum wage. Allowing homosexuals to call the shots instead of following the rule of law. And so on. Our preachers are mostly silent and fail to preach the word.

The homosexual push in Coeur d' Alene is a prime example of how Americans are made to abandon thier beliefs. It is not that they are a commercial entity without regular services, it is a straight up push by the homosexual community to have their way.

I you search, you will find that over 12 states have had anti-homosexual wedding laws overturned by zealous Federal judges just this year. They are saying that the state laws don't provide equal protection. That is a smoke screen because if that were true, every state would have to match building codes, unemployment benefits, drinking ages and so on.

America is being overrun by those who hate God and Christians are not educated enough to stand for what is right.


Anonymous said...

OOH! OOH! Even better than sending the sermons AND The Bible!!

Just go from page to page highlighting the words in the sermon and let them "peruse" at their leisure!

I do what I can...