Monday, October 20, 2014

Pure musical fun!

Lindsey Stirling does it again!

Original, witty and captivating.  What's not to like?



Noons said...

I'll never forget Lindsey's work for the Skyrim game. One of the most amazing pieces of music and dance I've seen.

Pete said...

If you like Lindsey Stirling, you should check out the Piano Guys. Their focus is more on visuals of the areas they are performing in, and the music is equally awesome.

Rolf said...

Compare and contrast:
Lindsey Stirling and Miley Cyrus.
No contest.

Anonymous said...

Nice tune, had a good beat, easy to dance to...I'd give it a 39....but deeeeaaammmmnn that WAS the gayest video I've seen!