Friday, July 6, 2018

I may resemble that remark

From Pearls Before Swine yesterday (click the image to see a larger version at the comic's Web page):

Particularly for those of us who are veterans, and who saw action, it's frighteningly easy to reach that stage.  When I saw the comic yesterday, I thought for a moment, and realized how true it was.  Without trying too hard, I can think of at least 60 friends and acquaintances who are now dead, the majority of them due to combat and/or violence.  The total is probably nearer, and quite possibly over, 100.  That's a scary thought.

Fortunately, I was able (thanks be to God!) to make a new life for myself, in a new country, with a whole new set of friends.  I am indeed blessed.



Nate Winchester said...

Thus the value of grandkids. Make new people who know you - stay forever young.

Will said...

I recall my father lamenting the fact that he had outlived 3 generations of friends, at the news of the sudden passing of a friend. That was in his 70's. He made it to his early 80's.


I had two moments. The first was when my mother mercifully passed away, and I realized that in my line, I was now the oldest.

The second was a few years after that; I don't recall the specific trigger, but I do remember realizing that I am closer to the end of my life than its beginning.

wheels said...

As Ogden Nash wrote, "Senescence begins, and middle age ends, the day your descendants outnumber your friends."

I should be good ... my only daughter has yet to reproduce.

Nate Winchester said...

If it's any comfort, ive had about half a dozen friends pass on before they were 30. We may ever be closer to the end than the beginning and never know it.