Monday, July 2, 2018

On the road again

In a few minutes, we'll be hitting the road again for our return trip to Texas.  It'll take us a couple of days - about 14-15 hours on the road, plus stops and an overnight stay en route - so blogging will continue to be light.  Prayers for travelling mercies will be appreciated, as always.

I'll try and post something tonight.  Regular blogging will resume on Wednesday.



Czech6 said...

Safe travels. It was a great pleasure talking with you (and Dorothy) at LibertyCon.

Cedar said...

Safe Travels! We're home again already, and missing not having more time to talk to you two (and everyone else) already.

Old NFO said...

Safe travels!

Ben Yalow said...

Safe travels. It was a pleasure spending time talking with you at Libertycon.