Thursday, July 26, 2018

News and views you can use

There have been so many weird and wonderful news reports and blog articles over the past couple of days that I can't keep up with them all.  I figured I'd post links to some of them here, and let you explore those that interest you.  In no particular order:

There's your light reading for the morning.  More soon!



dave said...

My dad's old Air National Guard unit in Dover, DE did the restoration on Shoo Shoo Baby. Brought her back to airworthy and flew her to Wright-Patt for display at the Air Force Museum.

About a year later, dad was transferred from Andrews AFB to Wright-Patt, and several years after that, was invited to an after-hours tour of the museum in which he got to crawl around in the collection.

Lucky git.

SiGraybeard said...

I saw that story on the woman who found the cougar sleeping in her living room, and I really think the only reason she's alive is that the cougar didn't realize she was made out of meat.

"If you're gonna keep banging on the frackin' drum, how do you expect me to get my 18 hours of sleep a day? I'm outta here."

Larry said...

My sister lives in Ashland. A couple nights before this happened, a mountain lion was spotted a few blocks away from her house, feeding on a deer just off the street. Ashland is overrun with deer who have little or no fear of humans, and equally overrun with hippies and hipster douchebags. They all need thinning and mountain lions could do it in a natural way. No grizzlies in the area, alas.

Unknown said...

A mountain lion will take a small child instead of a deer if the opportunity presents itself.