Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A bubble like you've never seen before!

A British entertainer is claiming a new world record for the largest soap bubble ever blown.

Samsam Bubbleman (real name Sam Heath) was aiming to pop the Guinness World Record set in 2005 in Minnesota, U.S., for a bubble of 105.4 cubic feet. He is not sure of the precise volume of his attempt in Finsbury Park, North London, but it stretched to 20ft by 5ft by 5ft at its biggest.

He is now waiting for official confirmation. 'I'm confident it has obliterated the former record,' he said.

Samsam, pictured with his creation, refused to reveal the recipe for his bubble mixture, saying it is the secret to his success.

'With the right stuff you can make big bubbles with anything - a coat-hanger or even just your hands,' he said.

He developed the top-secret mixture over 20 years of trial and error.

Samsam Bubbleman with his record-setting bubble. (Click to enlarge.)

To make this enormous orb he used just a piece of rope attached between two sticks.

'It's all about having the right bubble solution,' said Samsam. 'If you have the right mixture then your tools don't matter.

'Being a bubbleologist is almost as much about being a wind catcher as it is a bubble maker. You become quite sensitive to changes in direction and you have to move at the right time to keep the bubble together.'

Once confirmed the new record will add to Samson’s tally of two standing world firsts.

In November 2007 he managed to place 50 people inside one of his bubbles. A year later he earned the award for putting the most bubbles inside a bubble - 66.

Samsam first started his love affair with bubbles in 1989 and now earns a living doing what he loves best.

There's more at the link, including more photographs.

That's amazing! I've not blown soap bubbles since I was a kid, but if I could figure out how to blow one that size, I might just take it up again!


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