Saturday, August 1, 2009

Demolition FAIL!

A Turkish demolition contractor rigged up a building with explosives, planning to bring it down in a heap. Nice idea . . . but back in 1928, when it was built, they clearly meant their workmanship to last!

Amazing how it held together - and even more amazing that it didn't continue to roll into the (occupied) apartment block next door!



Mango's Madness said...

What a mess to clean up. That contractor must not of had a clue what he was doing.

phlegmfatale said...

Ironically, it was probably more well-constructed than was the apartment block. THese vids are fun, though.

reflectoscope said...

Somehow I don't think "Whoopsie-doodle!" is going to cover it. I wonder if all of the explosives functioned properly, or if it was simply a really bad plan from the get-go.


raven said...

Amazing what happens after a nation adopts a modern western value system- like building things that do not fall down easily.
OK, OK, I just could not resist it!

Anonymous said...

Should have flown a plane into the building. That would have brought it down. Past experience is the key. heltau.

Old NFO said...

Now THAT was an AW S88T moment... :-)

And when you think of how many earthquakes that building has stood through, it's pretty obvious they didn't use enough boom :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it DID hit the building next to it!