Sunday, August 2, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #250

Today's Doofus is from New York City.

Trina Thompson gave it the old college try, but couldn't find work. Now she thinks her sheepskin wasn't worth her time, and is suing her alma mater for her money back.

The Monroe College grad wants the $70,000 she spent on tuition because she hasn't found gainful employment since earning her bachelor's degree in April, according to a suit filed in Bronx Supreme Court on July 24.

The 27-year-old alleges the business-oriented Bronx school hasn't lived up to its end of the bargain, and has not done enough to find her a job.

The information-technology student blames Monroe's Office of Career Advancement for not providing her with the leads and career advice it promised.

"They have not tried hard enough to help me," the frustrated Bronx resident wrote about the school in her lawsuit.

"She's angry," said Thompson's mother, Carol. "She's very angry at her situation. She put all her faith in them, and so did I. They're not making an effort.

"She's finally finished [with school], and I'm so proud of her. She just wants a job."

The mother and daughter live together, but are struggling to get by. Carol, a substitute teacher, has been the only breadwinner.

"This is not the way we want to live our life," the mom said. "This is not what we planned."

As if being unemployed weren't enough, Trina's student loans are coming due, saddling the family with more debt, the mom said.

"We're going to be homeless, and we'll still have a student loan to pay," Carol said.

There's more at the link.

Well, cry me a river . . . Who does this idiot think she is? I'll guarantee that her college never promised to find her a job - that would be madness. I bet it only undertook to help her find one. If jobs aren't available, or if she's too picky about what's available, that's her problem, not the college's!

Read the fine print, ducky - and grow up! Times are tough for us all. If you have to flip burgers for a while, or shine shoes, or work a cash register, do it, and face the world with a smile! Many others are doing precisely that, and getting on with the business of living, rather than throwing their toys out of the pram because they're too immature to face reality.

I'll go further. As a former manager and company director, if I were in that sort of position in any company in New York, I'd be sending a clipping or copy of that article to my personnel department, along with strict instructions that under no circumstances whatsoever should they ever hire someone so immature! I'd make sure they kept her name on file, ready for an instant, automatic 'Thanks, but no thanks' response if she ever asks for a job.

Trouble is, given today's "I'm entitled!" generation, she's probably fairly representative of a great many job-seekers . . .




reflectoscope said...

See "Get Over It," by the Eagles. This big bad world doesn't owe you a thing, but it'll teach you what you need to know if you're willing to learn.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what her degree is in? And if she can read, write and comprehend English to the level needed to successfully fill out an employment application and pass a job interview?

Jerry said...

She has an IT degree?

I bet that she is looking for some cushy CIO job rather than wanting to spend time in the trenches doing coding and/or analysis (assuming that she can do either).

Crucis said...

Hmmm, $70,000, age 26(?), graduated in April. Last time I was laid off, I was out four months. That was two years ago and I had plenty of experience, six patents, awards, and a resume a yard long with accomplishments.

She has a degree (wonder about that too), no experience and a whiny attitude.