Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Carry On!

To my great delight, I've just discovered that a host of the British comedy 'Carry On' films are available on YouTube.  I've been cackling all morning as I renewed my acquaintance with some of them, and I'm looking forward to hours of reliving my youthful enthusiasm for them.  They're a bit dated now, and their slapstick and old-fashioned risqué humor hasn't always worn well, but I have a great affection for them nevertheless.

If you've never watched one, and like British comedy, I recommend that you search YouTube for them.  Here are a few links to ones I particularly enjoyed in my younger, more innocent days:

Carry On Up The Khyber (set in the British Raj, and probably my favorite of them all)

Carry On - Don't Lose Your Head (French Revolution)

Carry On - Follow That Camel (Foreign Legion)

Carry On Henry (Henry VIII, 'carrying on' properly with multiple wives)

There are many more.  Giggle-worthy - particularly 'Khyber', which is the best send-up of British India, the colonial mentality, and misguided missionaries that I've ever watched.  It still makes me laugh out loud - as, for example, in the scene where the wife of the British governor offers her all to an Indian rajah.  He responds, "Dear lady, I do not make love.  I am extremely rich.  I have servants to do everything for me!"



Old NFO said...

Thanks, I'll make it a point to dig some of these out...

JaneofVirginia said...

These were very much a part of my childhood in England. I am glad to know they are now on YouTube. I remember "Carry On Up the Jungle" well to this day.

Stretch said...

I must see if "Doctor in the House" is available.
I recommend it to all.

trailbee said...

Two years ago I requested a complete set of Carry Ons from Santa. He brought me six-only. Thanks for the links.