Friday, April 26, 2013

Mythical creatures

I recently came across a very interesting Web site called 'Mythical Creatures List'.  It lists thousands of creatures from myth and legend, organized by culture, attribute or type.  Clicking on any entry brings up a sub-list of qualifying creatures, and clicking on the name of any of them provides more details about it.

I looked up some mythical beasties I knew, such as the Norse Ratatosk and the African Lightning Bird.  Sure enough, both were listed, along with brief information about them - not enough, I think, but I guess the site can't be a full encyclopedia!  The brief descriptions are enough to give most people a general idea about the critter concerned, and they can do an Internet search for more information if they need it.

Mythical Creatures List is an interesting site to wander around for an hour or two, discovering weird and wonderful beasties you'd never heard of before, that make the average zombie or werewolf seem tame by comparison.  (Try the Dan Ayido Hwedo for size!)


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Anonymous said...

Was there an entry in there for "Honest Politician"?