Friday, April 12, 2013


A reader alerted me by e-mail to this thread at The Outdoors Trader forums.  It's graphic and gruesome, describing how a man shot himself through the hand with a .357 Magnum revolver in a moment of carelessless.  It includes a rather gory photograph of the wound, which is NOT for the squeamish.

It's a great lesson in why we keep harping on the Four Rules of Firearms Safety, as compiled by the late, great Jeff Cooper.  The Four Rules work together.  If you observe them as rigorously as possible, even if you slip up on one of them, the other three should prevent you from hurting yourself or anyone else.  If you don't . . . this sort of thing happens.

Go read, and remember.



Linoge said...

So I only skimmed the thread, and I hate to be That Guy, but I really have to wonder how the gun "just went off". So far as I am aware, the LCR operates on the standard revolver design of the hammer always being down unless manually cocked by thumb or trigger, and since LCR's do not have the former option... Yeah.

In any case, suckage, and a harsh reminder of the Four Rules. Here is to a swift recovery.

Shrimp said...

Well, later in the thread he admits that he doesn't see any way for it to have happened unless he pulled the trigger. He just doesn't remember doing it.

That said, it is a great reminder to not let the muzzle cross something you don't want holes in.

Glenn B said...

Brain fart is all that need be said unless he truly is an arsehat opposed to what he says about himself.

I am not about to read all current 37 pages of posts so I guess will be left wondering if he lost his hand or any of his fingers due to that injury.

All the best,
Glenn B

Anonymous said...

Stoopid Hurts; and with guns is mostly fatal. He was lucky.